Saturday, March 14, 2009


I was sitting at the reception desk at work this past Friday, exhausted after a long week. I couldn't focus on much and thankfully my only task was to answer the phones for an hour and forty five minutes.

As I was fighting my heavy eyelids, I mean, keeping busy, I saw a delivery guy walking into our offices carrying flowers. There are only two other women who work in my office so I wondered which of the two they could be for. Then the delivery guy says:

"I'm looking for an Ana (pause)". I have yet to encounter a person out here who has tried to pronounce my last name.

I sat up fully alert and proudly proclaimed I was the one he was looking for. The site of the flowers held my gaze and I wasn't even sure if the guy said anything on his way out. My head swirled with the aroma of fresh flowers. And I smiled. A bright, big, beaming smile. And then I read the attached note:

"Just because I love you"

Talk about making a lady feel special. Some may see it as cheesy, but it really is the small things in life that count. And some of the smallest gestures can go a long way.

I just feel blessed to have someone who takes time out of their own busy day to make me feel special and who lets me know just how much I mean to him. I truly couldn't ask for anyone or anything better.

I hope you have enjoyed your dose of sappy cheese for the day.


J.Danger said...

SO-HOE! hahahaha.

I never get flowers from Cory.

musicjunkie said...

LMAO....if I had a dollar for all the times I've heard that!

Shame on Cory!

Kanni said...

I want that...when can I have my prince charming?

musicjunkie said...

He's coming Kanni...I just wish I could tell you when