Saturday, April 25, 2009

Stimulating the Economy

Wendell and I had a busy, busy day today. We had all kinds of plans to work on our house, clean up, organize, paint, rearrange, make it more "us". That was the plan anyway...

It started with a quick trip to the bank since I needed to send some cash via snail mail, I need my CA driving record in order to get my DL here, AND, I'll have to take the written test....DUN...DUN...DUUUUUUUUUUN!!! I am oh so excited about that, NOT!

At the drive-thru window Wendell asks me if I want to go shopping. As if he ever reeeaaalllly needs to ask me THAT question. We were in dire need of a new comforter since our old one was left in the dryer too long and the corners shriveled up and the rest of it ended up with patches of discolorment (is that even a word?). I've been wanting a new one since I pulled it out of the dryer in its horrid state last October. But, pretty things aren't necessarily at the top of Wendell's priority list, so after asking him 3 times that day if we could buy a new one, I hadn't asked again. So, you can imagine my joy when he asked if I wanted to go shopping for a new one!

My first thought was "Pottery Barn" as my heart pitter pattered at the idea of their lovely colors and patterns, but I knew Wendell wasn't looking to spend big bucks on "just a blanket". So Target it was. As usual, we couldn't agree on color nor pattern, so we headed for Wal-mart *sigh* I wasn't too upset that we left there also unable to agree on a color or pattern. So I suggested Bed Bath & Beyond. Wendell was all for it, and it didn't dawn on me that he had probably never walked into a BB&B to realize that the price tag was bigger than those at Target or Wal-Mart. We found several we liked and actually agreed on, however, we didn't agree on the dollar amount. Again, after store #3 we left empty handed.

Today was especially warm (which I just loved) so by this point with only a minimal breakfast in our bellies, we were famished. Choosing a place to eat can prove to be just as much of a task as agreeing on a comforter, if not moreso. Luckily for us we found a nice looking Mexican restaurant tucked away behind some other food places. It was a well needed meal (and a beer for Wendell and a Margarita for me). And now that we were refueled, onward we marched....back to Target.

We decided we needed to pick up some additional items, and well, we just love Target. So back to trying to find a comforter set we could agree on. Forest Gump's momma was right, miracles do happen every day. We found a comforter we had looked over on our first trip that we both liked...SCORE! I don't know about you, but I can never go into Target for a single solitary item without making a round of at least half of the store, just in case there's something else I don't really need that I absolutely must have. So, we picked up some TV trays and a movie.

So, after a long day spent running around town, Casita Hess is still a disaster area, no painting got done, and we can look forward to another busy day tomorrow instead of being a couple of amoebas and doing nothing (well, maybe).

Oh yeah, did I mention we bought another car? Another Kia. Nothing fancy, so I haven't taken any pics. It was really just a replacement for our other car that perished in the fire and which 0 of 2 insurance companies will cover. We were just going to pick up our plates for the Soul and our car salesman worked his magic and got us an incredible deal we couldn't refuse. And we've decided that the Soul is mine and Wendell gets the Spectra.

And that my friends is how Wendell and I did our part to stimulate the economy today....Tadaaa!


J.Danger said...

I love that you spent 90% of this post on shopping for the perfect comforter, and the other 10% on oh ya, I BOUGHT ANOTHER CAR! Sheesh!

musicjunkie said...

That's how I roll =0P

theyellowstain said...

Damn i miss you guys...Now i find myself in nevada.. way out fucking west...

why i didn't find time to do anything but drive across town and see you?

life is frustrating, things happen..

i wish nothing but bliss to both of you..

musicjunkie said...

We miss you too! But maybe now that we live further away from each other we'll see each other more often =0P

The door is always open here at Casita Hess.

Eat an In-n-Out burger for us

RahX said...

TARGET! How I miss thee. We just have most of the stores you listed here short of my precious, precious target.

My wife and I pick out stuff like that pretty easy. Who cares the color if you want to rub your body all over its sensationally soft surface!