Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'm A Gourmet Micowave Chef!

Well, maybe not "gourmet", but practice is definitely improving my skill. A couple of weeks ago we had tile put in our kitchen and adjacent room. Of course we had to move our stove. Upon returning our stove to it's proper place, we plugged it in, turned the knobs and watched the lights come on. The burners and oven however, did not.

We pulled it back out, wiggled some wires and even pondered kicking it. Wendell then removed the back panel in search of loose wires or a reset button, he even tinkered with the fuses, but nothing! Defeated, we scooted our oven back into it's corner in it's current non-working status. And then we pouted.

A new stove isn't exactly in our budget at the moment with a wedding coming up and all so, it was tuna for dinner! And peanut butter sandwiches the next night. We had very few items we could prepare in the microwave, but we had lots of veggies. The last couple of weeks had run us ragged and by the time we got home neither one of us wanted to head to the store. So, with some inspiration from a friend I turned to our friend Google to find some recipes.

It's been hit or miss. I was very excited about the first recipe I found. Until I took a bite. Adding loads of salt helped, but I really wanted to find the person who posted the recipe and smack them. I followed every detail of the recipe and it just seemed like someone had played a cruel joke! It was bad enough that I couldn't cook properly, but I pictured this person sitting at their desk in a dark room laughing it up a la Vincent Price at the assault some poor unsuspecting person's taste buds were going to endure.

A few recipes later, and it's really not that bad. One thing I do love about being a micro-chef (and I'm not referring to my height) is the amount of time it takes. Most of these meals are ready in 30 minutes or less. And with the weather warming up, it'll be nice not to have to stand in front of a hot stove while it's 80 degrees out.

I'll post some pictures of the awesome tile we now have in our Mexi-Tica kitchen once the place is clean enough to have pictures taken. Yes, we've been THAT lazy folks. Well, I should say busy and therefore too tired to give the kitchen the proper cleaning it deserves. I have started to develop a twitch, so it shouldn't be much longer before my kitchen is back to it's normal sparkling state.

Stay tuned!

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