Friday, May 20, 2011

Shopping For Baby

I spent the last couple of weeks completing my registries for my upcoming Baby Shower. Since I typically know what I want once I take a look at something I figured this would be as easy as 1-2-3.


Wendell and I first headed to Babies "r" Us to sign up for a registry. We had no idea what we were in for. The clerk handed us a scanner and told us to roam around the store scanning anything we may want to add to our registry. The first aisle we stumbled into was the car safety/accessories. We stood there wide eyed, mouths agape and we both uttered "whoa". We did this every time we walked down a new aisle. We were just as excited to be looking at all of this stuff, but we weren't expecting to be so overwhelmed!

I was at a complete loss once we got to the areas with strollers, car seats, and playpen/sleeper combos. There were so many colors, patterns, and safety features. Of course they were all described wonderfully. But which one was actually "better"? I couldn't tell you how many times I reminded myself of the little green alien toys from Toy Story with all the times I said "Ooooooooooooo".

We couldn't decide on a single one of those items, so we decided to move on. After going through several more aisles of things we couldn't decide on and about 3 hours after entering the store we decided to call it a day and go get some much needed food. After all we could finish doing this online in the comfort of our own home in our undies, haha!

The Babies "R" Us site was a little frustrating due to the fact that there were a few in-store items that weren't available online. Thankfully someone suggested Just when I thought I couldn't be overwhelmed any more than I already was; it got worse. Where "Babies" had several products, brands, etc., amazon had thousands.....THOUSANDS!!!

It took us forever to finally finish not one, but two registries.

Now that I'm shopping for mommy items like bras I'm right back to searching through an endless selection with my eyes wide and my mouth agape, but this time I'm not saying "whoa". I'm saying "damn it"; this time I have to go through this process alone. I don't see Wendell trying on any bras anytime soon.

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