Tuesday, May 4, 2010


In 100 days I'll be Mrs. Wendell Hess. 100 days!!! To celebrate this day I'm going to share 100 reasons why I love my future husband. They are; in no particular order:

1. He'll hold my purse when I go to the bathroom in public places.
2. He constantly tells me that he loves me.
3. His answer to my many suggestions for our home is "Whatever makes you happy".
4. He's a dork just like me.
5. He loves me even when I'm grumpy, PMSing, and generally unpleasant.
6. He likes to surprise me with breakfast in bed.
7. I can use him like a jungle gym.
8. He writes me random love notes.
9. He'll watch chick flicks with me (he's even liked a few).
10. He likes it when I curse him out in Spanish.
11. He buys me chocolate.
12. When "Aunt Flo" comes to town he'll pick me up tampons, midol and more chocolate.
13. He writes me love songs.
14. He doesn't just tell me I'm beautiful, he makes me feel it.
15. We can take a 3 hour car drive in complete silence.
16. He's incredibly smart.
17. He smells good without cologne.
18. He defends my honor.
19. Despite his tough exterior, he's a big teddy bear.
20. He doesn't care if I post pictures like this online:

21. He won't complain when I listen to techno even though he hates it.
22. He'll do yoga with me.
23. On more than one occassion he's made a 2+ hour drive home in the wee hours of the morning so I wouldn't spend all night alone.
24. Everyone who meets him instantly loves him.
25. His kisses.
26. He's seen my fugly side and didn't run away screaming.
27. He likes to watch me go about my business when I have no idea he's looking.
28. He'll fix my computer every time I "break" it.
29. He's the first person to really see me for who I am (other than family).
30. He can always make me laugh. Even when I'm mad and don't want to.
31. He can admit when he's wrong, and even say he's sorry.
32. He can put me in my place when I'm out of line and still be respectful.
33. He finds my OCDness endearing. He's even taken to calling me his "little aviator".
34. He'd rather learn to do something than to pay someone to do it.
35. He enjoys a hot bubble bath for two.
36. Loving him has taught me how to really love myself.
37. He loves my feet.
38. He'll take me out so I can dance even though he doesn't care for the environment.
39. He's old fashioned and chivalrous.
40. He's a rockstar. See:
41. He always compliments my cooking even when I know it's not that great.
42. He checks with me before he makes plans with friends (not because he needs permission, he's just courteous like that).
43. He emails me at work with random humor and to tell me he loves me.
44. He's uber sweet with our dogs.
45. He sacrifices things he wants to give me things I want.
46. He likes to smell my hair.
47. He finds humor in inappropriate places.
48. He's probably the hardest worker I know.
49. He inspires me to be a better person.
50. With him, I've found true happiness.
51. His infectious laugh.
52. The way he speaks to me is different from how he speaks to anyone else.
53. He'll tell me if my outfit doesn't look good.
54. Despite the fact that he may be roasting, he won't fuss much over the thermostat in the winter.
55. With him I'm learning to ask myself "do I need it? or do I just want it?" when I'm shopping.
56. He's teaching me to be better at not taking anyones crap.
57. He'll listen to my stories. Even if I've told him the same story 3 times before.
58. He'll send me flowers at work, just because.
59. He lets me sleep in on the weekends despite the fact that if I was up first I'd probably wake him up.
60. He loves Scooby-Doo as much as I do:
61. He's just as excited about planning our wedding as I am.
62. He does what he can to help people.
63. He brags about me.
64. When my car gets real dirty, he'll wash it for me.
65. He encourages me to pursue my interests.
66. He trusts me to buy his clothes.
67. I feel safe with him, even when he's ridiculously drunk.
68. He sautees mushrooms for me.
69. Like me, he's just a kid trapped in a grown-ups body.
70. He's quite the smart-ass.
71. His nickname of choice: Cap'n Fishnets
72. An incredible piece of music can move him to tears.
73. He doesn't complain when I turn into the Recycling Police.
74. He calls me Bean.
75. He is slowly but surely teaching me patience.
76. He'll take silly photobooth pictures with me (blogger couldn't handle the odd size) =0/
77. His big ass hands make my big hands look small.
78. He lets me use him as my "man purse" when we go out.
79. He leaves the seat down, and I never even had to ask.
80. His "game face" when he plays video games:
81. He really doesn't care what other people think.
82. The man can cook.
83. With him, I look forward to growing old.
84. He understands that as much as I love the country, I'm a city girl.
85. He'll play in the rain with me.
86. He lets me touch him with my cold hands and feet so I can get warm.
87. The way he teases me.
88. We live a drama free life.
89. Despite that he likes the house to be cave like, he won't complain when I open up all the curtains and blinds to let the light in.
90. He gets me the most awesome-est gifts.
91. He loves to say "I'm huge in Japan".
92. He's all tatted up.
93. He's a peanut butter junkie like I'm a chocoholic (yin & yang, baby).
94. We can be at a party where we hardly see each other and then we'll have a blast swapping stories.
95. He's great with kids.
96. He understands that mornings suck and silence is best.
97. We never part without a kiss (or kisses) and an I love you.
98. He talks in his sleep.
99. He can put up with me in a way very few people have, and that was mostly family.
100. The way he looks at me:


J.Danger said...

my little aviator! Show me the blueprints Ana! SHOW ME THE BLUEPRINTS!

musicjunkie said...


"It's the way of the future. It's the way of the future. It's the way of the future."

Anonymous said...

Hi! Just passing through, commented after you on Offbeat Bride. I absolutely love your 100 day 100 reasons post. so inspiring!

Congrats & best wishes on your upcoming wedding!
-Skullcandie(on offbeatbride)

musicjunkie said...

Aww...thank you!

Glad you popped by