Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I'm currently at 34 weeks. It's hard to believe so much time has passed so quickly! In less than 6 weeks, I'll be a Mom. I'm excited and terrified at the same time. Well, it's mostly the thought of the teenage years that really terrify me. That and the fact that this tiny little being will be completely dependent on Wendell and I. I will no longer be #1! Talk about having to put your ego in check, haha.

As each day passes I can feel changes in the baby's movements. I could literally just sit and watch my belly for hours. Watching her move around reminds of those cartoons where a cat is shoved into a bag and he goes nuts trying to get out. That, or something reminiscent of that scene in Alien where the baby alien is about to bust out of that guy's belly. It is just absolutely amazing to me when I can tell which body part is jabbing me. I'm hoping we'll be able to get a picture of a tiny hand or foot pressing up against my belly.

I've been starting to get a little antsy. Wendell has been for quite some time now, it's the sweetest thing really. I feel blessed. So far this pregnancy has been pretty smooth. No major aches or pains, no major mood swings, no crazy cravings, etc. I can no longer reach my toes, so I don't get to change my toe nail polish as often as I usually do, and I don't quite trust Wendell to do a bang up job.

Hopefully delivering this baby will go as smoothly as my pregnancy thus far. I can't wait to meet her AND to have my mother and mother-in-law with me for the first few weeks. It feels like the day can't get here soon enough, but I know it'll be here before I know it.

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